Friday, June 9, 2017

The dangers and the benefits of drinking Coffee

Everything is sure to have the benefits and dangers of an example is drinking coffee behind the benefits that could be drawn from consuming this drink coffee there is a danger that can damage the body when in excessive consumption. Maybe some just know some of its benefits without thought to what hazards the coffee when consumed in excess. Having previously discussed about the dangers of smoking in this occasion I will share about dangers to health, coffee and of course I will also discuss the benefits of drinking coffee.

For some people, drinking coffee is the thing that can not be missed every day, let alone for active smokers drink coffee is something that is identical. This drink is very popular by both men and women because it could be a solution if sleepy at work, coffee is considered the most powerful tool to get rid of drowsiness (read also: how to make French press coffee ). The benefits behind turns out there is a danger that coffee can strike when drunk is therefore redundant in addition to see what benefits we must also know the dangers of coffee for health that we can control the coffee consumption. Before discussing the dangers of coffee for health first, I will discuss some of the benefits that we can feel by consuming coffee.

Behind the dangers of coffee that is often discussed is apparently coffee also is useful, with drinking coffee there are some of the benefits we can get with notes didn't drink coffee. And here including coffee benefits for the body:

  • Prevent kidney stones
  • Lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Prevent cancer of the liver, colon and breast
  • Protect the heart from disease of cirrhosis

All of these benefits you can get when not drinking coffee in excess and low content of superiority. Although there are some of the benefits we can get by consuming coffee but there is still a danger of coffee that must be known, and now let us see what are the dangers of coffee for health.

Drinking coffee is very believable as the most efficacious cure drowsiness, coffee often become friends staying out of work or in the Office. Drinks that have a distinctive fragrance can also cause the effects of addiction, it is proven by the large number of their dependence on coffee bakan prefer coffee rather than eat. However, it should be noted also turned out to be the dangers of coffee can also be injurious to health when consumed in excess and continuously. Coffee for health hazards such as:

The first is the coffe hazards cause heart beat faster than normal. Therefore, for those of you who are experiencing symptoms of a heart attack should avoid excessive coffee drinking or not.
The danger is that coffee could cause symptoms or heartburn because of coffee drinks can increase stomach acid.

Drinking coffee in excess can cause risk of heart attack and stroke because it can increase the levels of bad cholesterol, triglycerides in your blood and body will be more concentrated. This gives rise to deposits of fat, narrowing in the blood vessels which can cause heart attacks and strokes.
Consume coffee can cause problems or insomnia insomnia symptoms which is not very good for your health.

For pregnant women is not very in demand to consume coffee. In this case it consume 100 mg of caffeine per day can cause a miscarriage. This is because, the caffeine in coffee can increase heart rate and will affect a fetus which can invade the placenta and enters into the fetal blood circulation.
Consume coffee can weaken your body's endurance. This is because, the caffeine in coffee can absorb minerals and vitamins required by your body. Coffee drinks also make you quickly lose fluids in the body, so try drinking two glasses of plain water after consuming a cup of coffee.

Such is the benefits and dangers of coffee for your health, it's best not done everything in excess because it will give rise to effects that are less well as does drinking coffee. Although there are some benefits but the reply was drunk in excess we will also get the dangers of coffee. Hope this article is useful to you, thank you for visiting.